This work is supported by the National Science Foundation under grants ANI-0230960 and CNS-0627752 and by generous donations from Intel Corporation.
Research Goals:
This project examines a number of approaches for deploying proof-of-work or client puzzles within the network.
Wu-chang Feng
Ed Kaiser
Wu-chi Feng
Antoine Luu
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  • Invited Talks:
  • Wu-chang Feng, "mod_kaPoW: Protecting the Web with Transparent Proof-of-Work", Intel colloquium talk, Hillsboro, OR, March 2008. Slides: pdf
  • Wu-chang Feng, "Using an Angel-in-the-Box to Secure MANETs", DARPA IAMANET proposer's day conference, April 2007. Slides: ppt
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  • Wu-chang Feng, "IP Puzzles, Probabilistic Networking, and Other Projects at OGI@OHSU", Intel colloquium talk, Hillsboro, OR, October 2003. Abstract: txt
  • Wu-chang Feng, "Hashes, Caches, Puzzles, and the IXP", Intel IXA Workshop, Santa Clara, CA, September 2003. Slides: sxi | pdf
  • Posters and Demos:
  • Ed Kaiser, Wu-chang Feng, "mod_kaPoW: Putting the 'PoW' into Proof-of-Work", SIGCOMM 2008 demo session, August 2008. Poster: PDF
  • Ed Kaiser, Wu-chang Feng, "mod_kaPoW: Mitigating Denial-of-Service with Transparent Proof-of-Work", CoNext 2007 poster session, December 2007. ppt. Also in NSF CyberTrust PI Meeting 2008 poster session, March 2008. ppt
  • Ed Kaiser, Wu-chang Feng, Wu-chi Feng, Antoine Luu, "Reducing Malicious Traffic With IP Puzzles", ACM SIGCOMM 2004 poster session, September 2004. Abstract: pdf, Poster: pdf
  • Software:
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