natas0: Poking around using the browser and a bit of JavaScript
natas1: Poking around using the browser and a bit of JavaScript
natas2: Vulnerable web server allows dir listings
natas3: Sites use robots.txt to keep Google from revealing secrets. Are you Google?
natas4: Modifying web requests. HTTP Referer: , HTTP Cookie:
natas5: Modifying web requests. HTTP Referer: , HTTP Cookie:
natas6: Web scripting languages (PHP) and direct access to includes
natas7: Poor input validation leading to command execution
natas8: Poorly encoded secrets (need base64 and ASCII)
natas9: Input validation issues using PHP to execute commands
natas10: Input validated somewhat, but still vulnerable (grep and multiple arguments)
natas11: Vulnerable XOR
natas12: PHP code and improperly placed trust
natas13: PHP code and vulnerable file format assumptions (when is a BMP not a BMP?)
natas14: SQL injection
natas15: Blind SQL injection
natas16: Input validation again. Unix subshells + blind injection
natas17: SQL injection with timing attacks
natas18: Admin session hijacking via insecure cookie format
natas19: Same attack, but with an ascii encoded cookie format
natas20: Vulnerable storage/retrieval of creds allows injection of multiple lines
natas21: Co-located PHP web apps vulnerable via shared $_SESSION (PHPSESSID)
natas22: Disabling automatic redirects in browsers
natas23: PHP type interpretation, reinterpretation, and misinterpretation bugs
natas24: PHP type mismatches and poorly handled errors
natas25: Double injection, Rogue data in log files, 1-pass str_replace
natas26: PHP serialization and arbitrary object injection
natas27: MySQL race condition or input overflow
natas28: Breaking crypto?
natas29: ?
natas30: ?
natas31: ?
natas32: ?