Computer Systems Programming, Homework #1
Typing speed game

You are to implement a game that tests a user's typing speed.  The game randomly chooses words from an array of strings containing "The", "quick", "brown", "fox", "jumps", "over", "the", "lazy", "dog".   Each word must appear exactly once.  The program should output the time it takes for the user to correctly enter the entire array of words.  If the user incorrectly types a word, the program must prompt the user to retype the incorrect word.

Rules and requirements
Hints and suggestions

Example game session

mashimaro% ls
Makefile  typing_word_game.c

mashimaro% make
gcc -m32 -g -o typing_word_game typing_word_game.c

mashimaro% ./typing_word_game
This is a game that tests typing speed

Type the following words:
  word #1 is fox: foxy
Incorrect.  Try again.
  word #1 is fox: fo
Incorrect.  Try again.
  word #1 is fox: fox
  word #2 is The: The
  word #3 is brown: brown
  word #4 is lazy: lazy
  word #5 is jumped: jumped
  word #6 is over: over
  word #7 is quick: quick
  word #8 is dog: dog
  word #9 is the: the

Correct!  Your time is: 20 sec  222855 usec